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Commanding Heights
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The Commanding Heights netcast is segmented in "chapters." If you prefer to work with DVDs in the classroom, you will find that the netcast chapters match the DVD chapters. If, however, you are working with a VHS copy of Commanding Heights, you'll need help to locate these video segments on the tapes.

This page lists all the chapters in the netcast, and the point in time on the corresponding VHS tape at which each chapter begins. The counter format here is h:mm:ss -- hour, minutes, and seconds elapsed from the start of each program.

To find particular chapters on the video cassettes, you must first synchronize your VCR with the log.

How to synchronize your VCR with the log:

Insert the tape that has the chapter you want, and rewind it to the very beginning. Press play, and wait until you see the FBI warning screen. As soon as this warning disappears, set your VCR's tape counter to zero. The times reported in this list will now correspond roughly to times your VCRs counter shows.

How rough? All VCRs are a little different, and you may zero-set your machine a second earlier or later than someone else might. Consequently you may have to "jog" the tape forward or backward a few frames to land on exactly the point you want. But the times given here should be pretty close.

Episode One: The Battle of Ideas
Chapter 1:Prologue0:00:00
Chapter 2:The Older Order Falls0:03:55
Chapter 3:Communism on the Heights0:12:05
Chapter 4:A Capitalist Collapse0:18:20
Chapter 5:Global Depression0:27:08
Chapter 6:Worldwide War0:32:34
Chapter 7:Planning the Peace0:39:32
Cahpter 8:Pilgrim Mountain0:46:20
Chapter 9:Germany's Bold Move0:50:03
Chapter 10:India's Way0:54:13
Chapter 11:Chicago Against the Tide0:58:05
Chapter 12:The Specter of Stagflation1:05:37
Chapter 13:A Mixed Economy Flounders1:12:11
Chapter 14:Deregulation Takes Off1:20:45
Chapter 15:Thatcher Takes the Helm1:28:14
Chapter 16:Reagan Rides In1:32:05
Chapter 17:War in the South Atlantic1:40:21
Chapter 18:The Heights Go Up for Sale1:42:04
Chapter 19:The Battle Decided?1:50:13

Episode Two: The Agony of Reform
Chapter 1:Prologue0:00:00
Chapter 2:The Ghosts of Norilsk0:03:49
Chapter 3:Behind the Iron Façade0:08:16
Chapter 4:India's Permit Raj0:16:32
Chapter 5:Latin American Dependencia0:19:35
Chapter 6:Counterrevolution in Chile0:21:38
Chapter 7:Chicago Boys and Pinochet0:25:08
Cahpter 8:Heresy in the USSR0:33:22
Chapter 9:Poland's Solidarity0:41:30
Chapter 10:Bolivia at the Brink0:49:02
Chapter 11:Shock Therapy Applied0:56:11
Chapter 12:The Miracle Year1:00:57
Chapter 13:Poland in Transition1:07:42
Chapter 14:Gorbachev Tries China1:10:26
Chapter 15:Soviet Free Fall1:17:46
Chapter 16:Reform Goes Awry1:22:36
Chapter 17:India Escapes Collapse1:27:01
Chapter 18:Russia Tries to Privatize1:30:16
Chapter 19:Loans for Shares1:35:49
Chapter 20:Closing the Deal1:42:09
Chapter 21:A Decade of Radical Change1:45:58

Episode Three: New Rules of the Game
Chapter 1:Prologue0:00:00
Chapter 2:Global Idea0:06:15
Chapter 3:NAFTA: The First Test0:10:06
Chapter 4:Crossing Borders0:15:49
Chapter 5:The Global Market0:19:02
Chapter 6:Emerging Market Hunters0:22:50
Chapter 7:Averting a Meltdown: 19940:27:50
Cahpter 8:The Global Village0:32:46
Chapter 9:China and the Tigers0:39:32
Chapter 10:The Japanese Paradox0:45:06
Chapter 11:Global Contagion Begins0:48:07
Chapter 12:Contagion Engulfs Asia0:56:00
Chapter 13:Russia Defaults1:03:12
Chapter 14:The Crisis Reaches America1:05:42
Chapter 15:The Global Debate1:12:48
Chapter 16:The Battle Joined1:15:37
Chapter 17:Failure at the Summit1:20:45
Chapter 18:The Global Divide1:25:42
Chapter 19:Captialism Redefined1:28:12
Chapter 20:The Bottom End of Globalism1:35:13
Chapter 21:Changing of the Guard1:39:58
Chapter 22:The Battle Resumed1:43:04
Chapter 23:Creating a More Peaceful World1:49:42

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