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A Festival of Films that Rocked Our World
Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA
George Washington University, Washington, DC

Inspired by the Culture Shock film Hollywood Censored: Movies, Morality, & the Production Code, an independent movie theater and a university campus are each coordinating a special film series showcasing films that have pushed the boundaries of cinematic expression.

At the independent Coolidge Corner Theater, moviegoers are invited to view recent films that have provoked controversy, once a week throughout the month of January. Subjects such as sexuality, religion, violence, drugs, and history will be explored. A local university film expert/historian will introduce each film screening.

Students at George Washington University can attend a week-long series of controversial films in connection with the campus' Festival of Arts.

Each film series either kicks off or concludes with a free screening and informal panel discussion of Hollywood Censored: Movies, Morality, and the Production Code. Whether the film series focuses on films from recent years, and/or Production Code and Pre-Code era films, key questions include:

  • Should movies be uplifting and positive by avoiding violence, sex and profane language? Or does realism in movies make them more meaningful or richer?

  • Do the arts cause or reflect social behavior?

  • Was the Production Code a positive system for Hollywood or an oppressive form of censorship? Should Hollywood be a place where all perspectives and voices are allowed a forum?

For more information on suggested film titles for a film and discussion series in your community, contact Valerie Grabiel at WGBH by e-mail at

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