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Born to Trouble: The Adventures of Huck Finn
The Shock of the Nude: Manet's Olympia
Hollywood Censored: The Production Code
The Devil's Music: 1920's Jazz
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As a library, university, school, arts agency, or community organization, you can use the Culture Shock series as your springboard to organize programming that explores the arts -- its controversies, creative process, and impact on society. The following community and campus activities have been inspired by the Culture Shock series. Use them as models to plan a program with your organization. Invite participants to talk about social history, how culture evolves, and the role of art in our lives. Examine what past controversies tell us about controversies in the arts today and in the future.

Born To Trouble? Free Screening and Workshop for Educators on Huck Finn

A Festival of Films that Rocked Our World

Culture Shock Film and Speaker Series

The Devil's Music -- Jazz, Rock and Roll, or Rap?

Culture Shock at Borders Books & Music

For more information about hosting a screening at your organization or to brainstorm CULTURE SHOCK programming ideas contact:

Valerie Grabiel
Culture Shock Outreach Coordinator

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