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Culture Shock Film and Speaker Series
Salt Lake City Art Center, Salt Lake City, UT
Arizona State College of Fine Arts, Tempe, AZ

A single evening or a series of screenings and discussions can be held at local art institutions, universities, or public libraries and offer your community the opportunity to talk about art and freedom of expression. A series of events incorporating all four of the Culture Shock programs can provide institutions usually associated with one particular art form the opportunity to serve as host for discussions which cross disciplines into other creative media.

Two community institutions are in the planning stages for a spring '00 series of free film screenings and scholar presentations at their art centers that will embrace all four the Culture Shock films.

The ASU College of Fine Arts is presenting a four-part film series titled Culture Shock with coffee and conversation. Over four evenings a faculty member will be paired with a community arts personality to discuss topics sparked by the Culture Shock film screened that evening. At the Salt Lake Arts Center, partnerships with the local Humanities Council, and area high schools are being established for these events to encourage multi-generational dialogue. A moderator will lead the question and answer discussion with the community and guest panelists. Some of the issues they will address are:

  • What do arts controversies of the past teach us about today's controversies? How do we deal with these issues?

  • Who decides what is acceptable art and what art is dangerous or offensive? Is there an equal voice for all races, classes, genders, and religions in the decision-making process?

  • What is the role of artistic and cultural diversity in social growth and change? In fostering cultural awareness? In the perception and creation of art?

For more information about hosting a free screening at your organization or to brainstorm programming ideas, contact Valerie Grabiel at WGBH by e-mail at

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