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The Devil's Music -- Jazz, Rock and Roll, or Rap?

Culture Shock's The Devil's Music: 1920s Jazz lends itself to planning an intergenerational community panel discussion involving university music departments, area musicians, or local radio stations. Utilizing clips from The Devil's Music. to give a dose of history, a selected panel of artists, cultural critics, and music historians can then conduct an open discussion. Following the discussion a live musical performance may be held.

The evening's program may not only explore the history of jazz as presented in The Devil's Music, but also other contemporary musical forms that have been challenged, such as rock n' roll and rap. Topics might include:

  • What are the similarities or differences between jazz and rap, or jazz and rock and roll? How has jazz changed American society since it first appeared. How has rap or rock changed (and continue to change) society today?

  • What do factors such as race, class, and sexuality have on the reception of jazz, rock and roll, and rap and popular culture?

  • Can music be dangerous? If so, how?

  • Why do some musical forms such as jazz become regarded as "classic"?

To brainstorm outreach ideas in your community around The Devil's Music, contact Valerie Grabiel at WGBH by e-mail at

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