Huck Finn Teacher's Guide
Culture Shock Huck Finn in Context: The Curriculum Section 1: Exploring the Controversy   |   The "N" Word
Section 2: Behind the Mask -- Exploring Stereotypes
Section 3: The Development of Character in Huck Finn
Section 4: The Novel as Satire
Section 5: Reclaiming the Self -- The Legacy of Slavery
Section 6: Final Projects

Assigning the Novel

You may choose to assign Huck Finn according to your classroom schedule and needs. This curriculum is designed so that Sections I and II can be used for pre-reading activities, or you can have students read Huck Finn in its entirety during Sections I and II, and then bring the finished book to class. By the beginning of Section III, however, students should have completed the book. The companion readings (all of which are available in the Huck Finn Coursepack) provide important background information and other content.

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