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Why are there conflicts over the arts? Is there good art and bad art? Who decides? The Culture Shock series and Web site provide in-depth explorations of the impact of the arts on society, freedom of expression, cultural values, and censorship. These themes and topics are particularly well suited for interdisciplinary curricula, such as Humanities or American Studies, as well as in the English, history, film studies, or art classroom. The Web site provides additional information that teachers can use to develop their own background knowledge as well as classroom lessons.

NOTE: Because the series explores controversies in art, past and present, teachers should preview the films before showing them to students. Similarly, you should review the Culture Shock Web site to make sure the content is appropriate for your classroom.

TAPING RIGHTS: You may tape the television shows off the air and use them in your classroom for up to one year after broadcast.

What's On This Site For Teachers

Using the Culture Shock Web Site
This section provides ideas for teachers on using the site to enhance their own and their students' knowledge of the arts, as well as lesson plans based on specific examples from the site's main features. Discussion questions are also provided.

Soapbox: Teaching Controversial Topics
Do you tackle controversial topics in your classroom? What have been your successes, challenges and rewards? Share your thoughts and strategies for teaching about arts controversies with fellow educators at our soapbox forum.

Huck Finn in Context: A Teaching Guide (Web version)
Geared to high school educators, this guide provides a comprehensive curriculum with lesson plans and companion reading assignments on how to teach Twain's controversial masterpiece within its historical and literary context.

Article: Culture Shock: Using Art and Art Controversy to Teach History
by Robert McBride, Jr.
Originally published in Social Education, the magazine of the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS), this article provides an overview of the PBS series and how the films can be used to teach and enrich history.

Article: Huck Finn: Born to Trouble
by Katherine Schulten
This article, written for English Journal, the magazine of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), explores the novel, the controversy, and the process of writing Huck Finn: A Teaching Guide, which supplements the Culture Shock film Born to Trouble: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

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Culture Shock Teachers' Guide

Huck Finn in Context: A Teaching Guide

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