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The Culture Shock Web site expands the scope of the films through a diverse range of controversial art from various media, eras, and countries. As high school teacher Robert McBride, Jr., explains in his article, "Using Art and Art Controversy to Teach History," using art as "artifact" -- an expression of a particular era and culture -- can be useful in many different classroom situations. For the history teacher, it can help make history more relevant and immediate, as well as promote critical thinking. (Mr. McBride's article contains many other helpful ideas about using the series in the social studies classroom.)

For the English/language arts teacher, the Web site can help frame the discussion of books that are already part of the curriculum, many of which are or were controversial. Katherine Schulten's article, "Born to Trouble: Huck Finn", outlines a curriculum for Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, developed as a supplement to the Culture Shock film. Arts, humanities, and film studies teachers will also find the site useful.

This site is intended for adults. Since the site deals with controversial issues and includes images, you should review the site thoroughly before allowing direct student use. You may want to use this site as a model in order to create student lessons. If you choose to use this site with students, you may also want to notify parents beforehand that you will be using the site and explain what the goals of your lesson will be.

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