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Series Credits Credits for Other Shows
Show 1: Darwin's Dangerous Idea

Written and Directed by
David Espar & Susan K. Lewis

Senior Producer
David Espar

Drama Produced by
Linda Garmon

Susan K. Lewis

Narrated by
Liam Neeson

Associate Producers
Caroline Toth
Andrea Cross

Edited by
Bernice Schneider
James Rutenbeck
Steve Audette

Production Assistant
Tina Nguyen

Research Assistant
Mazen Wehbe

Additional Research
Kate Churchill
Marti Louw

Music by
Sheldon Mirowitz

Additional Orchestrations by
Matt Mariano
Kurt Biederwolf
Scott Salinas

Frank Vitz Productions

Visual Effects Supervisor
Frank Vitz

Animation Producer
Vandy Savage

Lead Animator
Beau Janzen

Additional Animators
Ken Bailey
Chris Leathers
Perry Harovas

Animation Modeler
Brandon Perlow

Mark Knobil
Brian Dowley
Mike Fox
Gary Henoch
Terry Hopkins
Tom Hurwitz
Ferne Pearlstein
David South

Jonathan Andrews
Ray Beckett
Kelvin Billings
Steve Bores
John Cameron
Ray Day
Michael Lax
Peter Miller
Thomas Morrison
Mike Sexton
George Shafnacker
Chris Strollo

Assistant Camera
Frank Bigg
Matthew Fox
Jeffrey Garton
Patrick Kelly
Jay Silver
Matt Thurber
Jill Tufts
Jeffrey Victor
Dave Wendlinger
Dick Williams

Sound Editor
Richard Bock

Audio Mix
Michael Baskerville
James Sulek

Narration Record
Bill Hermans, Manta Sound

On-Line Editor
Will Hearn

Elaine Ford

Photo Animation
Berle Cherney, Visual Productions, Inc.

Additional Animation, WGBH
Daryl Myers
Laura Varacchi
Bruce Walker
Alisa Placas

Bill Marin


Alastair Reid

Dramatization Written by
Allan Cubitt

Line Producer
Paul Sarony

Director of Photography
John Daly

Production Designer
Martyn Hebert

Costume Designer
Maggie Chappelhow

Chief Make Up & Hair Designer
Pam Haddock

George Akers

Casting Director
Beth Charkham



Christopher Larkin

Jane Cunliffe

Mark Tandy

Ian Shaw

Matthew Radford

Charles Lyell
Roger Brierly

John Gould
Will Fawcett

Joshua Losey

Gentleman 1
Andrew Heath

Gentleman 2
Cornelius Garrett

William 4 Years
Tobias Joseph Vaughan

Doctor Gully
John Walters

Nurse Brodie
Manon Eames

Annie 9 Years
Eleanor Martha Ogbourne

Andy Henderson

Bishop Wilberforce
Anthony Carrick

John Quentin
Oxford Master

Daily Crew

Wardrobe Assistants
Jennie Helps
Alan Lightfoot
Pat Scott Brown
Adrian Simmonds
Jill Avery
Amanda Cole

Make Up Artists
Carol Cooper
Colin Wyatt
Sally Harrison
Jean Steward
Sarah Astley

Assistant Property Buyer
Natasha Dupont

Camera Equipment
Arri Media

Film Laboratory
Technicolor Limited

Telecine Transfer
Spirit Pictures

Sound Transfer
Sprockets & Bytes (Bristol)

Lighting Equipment
Lee Lighting Limited

Film Stock
Kodak Entertainment Imaging

Editing Equipment
Edit Hire Post Production Services

Archive Footage
BBC Worldwide

Special Effects
Ken Lailey Effects / MTFX

S J Berwin & Co

Production Insurance
Aon / Albert G Ruben

Wig Specialities

Hotel Bookings
Access Conference Connections

Hotel In Bath
Hilton Bath Waterside

Car Hire
Hodsons Eurodrive

Gill Raddings Stunt Dogs

PTP Aerial Platforms

Camera Consumables
Pak Box Limited

Wavend Limited

James Moore

Stunt Coordinator/Performer
Glenn Marks

Production Manager/Coordinator
Kora McNulty

1st Assistant Director
Sean Guest

2nd Assistant Director
James Haven

Script Supervisor
Elaine Matthews

3rd Assistant Director
Jane Burgess

Location Manager
Nezar Ahmed

Production Secretary/Assistant Location Manager
Laragh Cresswell

Production Accountant
Janet Linton

Assistant Accountants
Rennie Spiolek
Julie Linton

Steadicam Operator
Vincent McGahon

Focus Puller
Steve Wallace

Clapper Loader
Francesco Ferrari

Camera Grip
Mark Scrivens

Sound Recordist
Michael Davey

Sound Maintenance Engineer
Gary Moore

Art Director
Deborah Morley

Stand By Art Director
Jan Chaney

Prop Buyer / Set Dresser
Diana Johnstone

Property Master
Billy Bridge

Property Storeman
Brian Hampton

Dressing Props
Terry Wells

Stand By Props
Kevin Scarrott
Mark Brooks

Wardrobe Supervisor
Tina Hackett-James

Wardrobe Master
George Brent

Make Up Artists
Amanda Warburton
Paula Price

Peter Robinson

Best Boy
Phil Brooks

David Fowler
Chris Hughes
Steve Griffiths

Stand by Carpenter
David Chappell

Stand by Painter
Malcolm Chilcott

Stand by Rigger
Graham Baker

Unit Nurse
Jennifer Hilton

Unit Drivers
Georg Grohmann
Alan Boyles
Graham C.A. Wilson

Minibus Driver
Roger Crick

Leading Facility Driver
Eric Young

Make Up Driver
Mark Vyner

Camera Car Driver
Darren Lane

Jane Hudson
Simon Medley
Andrew Medley

Ruth Halliday

Production Office Runner
Joy Scott

Rushes Runner
Grahame Linton

Video Assist/Camera Trainee
George Milburn

Make Up Trainee
Claire Bubb


Drama Based On
by Adrian Desmond, James Moore (Contributer)

Film Lab & Audio Post Production
Medallion PFA Film Video & Sound

HD Post Production Services

Captioned and Described by
The Media Access Group at WGBH

Business and Legal Affairs
Susan Rosen Shishko
Elaine Coolbrith

Archival Material
Atmosphere Pictures
BBC Worldwide Americas, Inc.
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma KG, Photo Lennart Nilsson/Albert Bonniers
Frlag AB
Discovery Communications, Inc.
Energy Film Library
English Heritage, Museum At Down House
National Geographic Film Library
Royal Geographic Society, London
SABC Business Enterprises

Special Thanks
Alias Wavefront, Inc.
Maggie Ainley from the Bath Film Office
Boston Cecelia, for Original Recording of Darwin's Funeral Anthem
Sherylynn Dougherty
Patricia Duffy
Kodak Entertainment Imaging
Enid Kotschnig
Eric Mose, Jr.
Anna Louise Reysenbach
Wesley Roberts
Maria and Jesus Salazar

Charles Aquadro, Cornell University
William H. Calvin, University of Washington
Sharon Emerson, University of Utah
Jane Goodall CBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute
Stephen Jay Gould, Harvard University
Sarah Blaffer-Hrdy, University of California, Davis
Don Johanson, Arizona State University
Mary-Claire King, University of Washington
Ken Miller, Brown University
Steven Pinker, MIT
Eugenie C. Scott, The National Center for Science Education, Inc.
David Wake, University of California, Berkeley

For Clear Blue Sky Productions

Executive Producer
Eric Robison

Director, Documentary Productions
Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss

Coordinating Producer
Pamela Rosenstein

Director, Publicity and Marketing
Jason J. Hunke

Production Coordinator
Pilar Binyon

  For WGBH

Research Assistant
Jessica Aronson

Production Assistant
Cecelia Kelly

Associate Producer

Post Production
Stephanie Mills

Series Associate Producer/
Post Production Supervisor

Kerrie Grimmett Iasi

Series Science Editor
Joe Levine

Series Researcher
Tina Nguyen

Unit Manager
Denise Drago

Business Manager
Karen Carroll Bennett

Series Producer
Lisa Mirowitz

Executives-in-Charge, Clear Blue Sky Productions
Paul G. Allen
Jody Patton

Executive-in-Charge, WGBH/NOVA Science Unit
Paula S. Apsell

Executive Producer
Richard Hutton

A co-production of the WGBH/NOVA Science Unit and Clear Blue Sky Productions
© 2001 WGBH Educational Foundation and Clear Blue Sky Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.

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