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For Teachers
Image of a student in a classroom. Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

Take this eight-session professional development course to deepen your understanding of evolution and address obstacles to teaching it.

Image of a statue. Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

This course gives teachers the background and skills they need to counter pressures to present or address religiously based alternatives to the theory of evolution. It is offered for self study or group study, and can be used as a guide for a professional development workshop.

Image of a teacher in a classroom. Online Videos for Teachers: Classroom Case Studies

Watch the four Teaching Evolution Case Studies to see effective strategies for teaching evolution in real classrooms acroos the country. (also available on DVD)

Image of night sky. Print Resources: Teacher's Guide

Find engaging, curriculum-based activities and multimedia resources on science and evolution in this free, downloadable 40-page guide.

Image of students in classroom. Online Lessons for Students: Learning Evolution

Use these seven lessons to help your students understand evolution and the nature of science.

Image of a hummingbird at a flower. Online videos for students: Evolving Ideas

These seven short videos designed for in-class viewing combine storytelling and science to spur informed discussions about evolution. (also available on DVD)

Evolution: Educational Set
This curriculum kit, specifically for educators, includes the seven-part Evolution series on video, seven short videos for use in class, four that highlight the teaching of evolution in real classrooms around the country, and a 40-page teacher's guide.

10 hrs. on 5 DVD's
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10 hrs. on 8 VHS video tapes
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