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Online Lessons for Teachers: Learning Evolution

LESSON 3: Teacher Page

What is the evidence for Evolution?

Your students may be skeptical of the theory of evolution because it is not something that Darwin could observe directly. Of course, today we can observe the evolution of microorganisms in a matter of days, but the evolution of more complex organisms, such as humans, takes place over a much longer period of time. With the following activities, you can help your class understand how scientists collect and organize evidence for evolution. When students understand how the theory of evolution is supported by facts from many scientific disciplines, they can better appreciate the strength of Darwin's theory.

Activity 1: Evolution and Time

 This activity will take between one and two class periods.
Image of a fossil.

Create a journal entry and a birthday card that describe the geologic ecosystems of particular time periods.

Learning Goals


Gain a better understanding of the vast scope of geologic time.


Learn about the ecosystem of a particular geologic time period.

Activity 2: Evidence for Evolution WebQuest

 This activity will take  two class periods.
Image of a DNA double helix.

Surf the Web to find evidence for evolution from three different areas of science—paleontology, molecular biology, and anatomy and physiology .

Learning Goals


Understand how scientists collect and organize evidence from a variety of disciplines to support the theory of evolution


Learn about the evidence for evolution related to the fields of paleontology, molecular biology, and anatomy and physiology

Additional Activities
See if you can figure out which animals are related. Be careful...looks can be deceiving!

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Geologic Time Scale

Plate Tectonics


Assessment Rubric
Guidelines for assessing students' mastery of activity.

National Science Standards for LESSON 3

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