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Online Lessons for Teachers: Learning Evolution


How Does Evolution Work?

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Activity One: Breeding Bunnies

Activity One: Teacher Notes

Activity Two: Flashy Fish

Activity Two: Teacher Notes

Additional Activities

The Mating Game
Your host Larry the lizard takes you on a humorous journey through the trials and tribulations of choosing a successful mate for reproduction. Set up like the old television program The Dating Game, this game show allows you to participate in choosing the right mate for five lucky contestants who range from a great crested grebe to a burying beetle. Three questions are provided for you to ask them. Their reproductive fate is in your hands!

 Screen grab from the Web activity The Mating Game.

The Mating Game

Natural Selection and Genetic Drift Modeling Exercise
This activity takes the concepts you learned in Breeding Bunnies to the next level. Choose one of four animals to study. Then decide whether you want to model genetic drift or natural selection and enter allele frequencies, population size, and number of generations. A computer program generates the data, and you can see what would happen to a population under these conditions.

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