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Online Lessons for Teachers: Learning Evolution


Why Does Evolution Matter Now?

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Activity 1: Evolution and Antibiotic Resistance

Activity 1: Teacher Notes

Activity 2: Evolution in Your World

Activity 2 Teacher Notes: Evolution in Your World

With this activity, you demonstrate to students why they should care about evolution. They become specialists in one sphere influenced by evolution and then share their findings with their group. Lead a class discussion, so that each student can learn how evolution affects many realms of our world. Students who understand how evolution works and what ramifications it has on the larger world of politics and society will make well-informed decisions in the future about the environment, health, agriculture, and biotechnology.

Learning Goals


Show students how evolution is used to study human impact on the environment, health, and agriculture



This activity will probably take two to three class periods. On the first day, divide students into groups of six and ask each group to divide the six research topics listed on the Student Page among themselves. They may have time to begin research. Then they should complete their research as a homework assignment and, during the second class period, they can meet with other "specialists" and compare information. During the third class period, students should be ready for a classroom discussion.


Students may need help finding appropriate Web sites. You may want to review with them efficient search procedures.


Next allow each specialist to meet students from other teams who share their specialty.


Have students return to their original group and present their findings in a roundtable discussion. Some groups may need guidance in organizing their discussion and incorporating all group members.


Finally, finish this lesson by leading a class discussion about the impact of evolution on science, as well as how evolution affects each of us in our daily lives.

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