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Online Lessons for Teachers: Learning Evolution


Why Does Evolution Matter Now?

Assessment Rubric

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Needs Improvement

Activity One—
Evolution and Antibiotic Resistance

Students answer all the discussion questions in Part A and conduct a thorough survey. They organize themselves into an effective team and develop a complete pamphlet or presentation that accurately presents the dangers of antibiotic misuse.

Students answer the discussion questions, but have trouble discussing them in class. They do not conduct a very thorough survey. The students create a pamphlet or presentation, but it is only partly complete or not totally accurate.

Students do not answer all the discussion questions about antibiotic resistance nor complete the survey. They make little effort to create an effective pamphlet or presentation.

Activity Two—
Evolution in Your World

Students conduct a very complete search of their assigned topic and help fellow students find information. They contribute meaningful ideas to the classroom discussion.

Students conduct research about their special area, but it does not extend much beyond the information presented in the cited online document. Students discuss their findings but do not add much information to the class discussion.

Students find few examples of how evolution is affecting their specialty area. They do not add any information to the classroom discussion.

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