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Teacher's Guide: Evolution

Unit 3 Web Resources: What Is the Evidence for Evolution?


Leaving a Trail of Evidence

Video Resource


"Becoming a Fossil"


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Winging It

Video Resource


"Fish with Fingers "


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A Whale of a Change

Video Resource


"Whale Evolution"


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Whales in the Making (pdf)

Whale Evolution Data Table (pdf)

External Web Link

Becoming Whales
An extended version of this lesson

Online Student Lessons

Lesson 3: What Is the Evidence for Evolution?

Videos for Students

Video 3: "How Do We Know Evolution Happens?"


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Take it Further

Online Course for Teachers


Session 3: What Is the Evidence for Evolution?

Evolution Web Features

Deep Time

All in the Family

Extensions: External Web Links

Making Cladograms
Have students do the lesson on the ENSI site to learn more about phylogenetic relationships.


Time Machine
To help students understand deep time, do the ENSI lesson.

Indepth Investigation

The Molecular Connection



The Molecular Connection (including Amino Acid Sequences in Cytochrome-C Proteins from 20 Different Species) (pdf)


Answer Key to The Molecular Connection (pdf)

Know More

External Web Links

Backgound Information: Transitional Fossils
Source of information on transitional fossils in vertebrate


Topical Index
Interesting source on fossils, phylogenetics, etc.

Learning from the Fossil Record
Resources on fossils from the museum's collection


Site on fossils, including fossilization, dating of fossils, and fossils found on all the continents. Useful for students as well.


Whale Evolution
Comprehensive site on Eocene Cetacean evolution by paleoantologist, Dr. Hans Thewissen

Introduction to the Cetacea
Cetacean Evolution


Geologic Time Scales
USGS short version of time scale

The Record of Time
A tutorial on fossil formation and dating techniques from Palomar College.

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