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Teacher's Guide: Evolution

Unit 4 Web Resources: How Does Evolution Work?


Darwin's Finches

Reading Resource


Natural Selection in Real Time (pdf)




Grants' Finch Study Data (pdf)


Answer Key to Darwin's Finches (pdf)


Evolution Web Feature


An Origin of Species


Video Resource


"Evolution of the Eye"


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Online Student Lessons

Lesson 4: How Does Evolution Work?

Videos for Students


Video 4: "How Does Evolution Really Work?"


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Take it Further

Online Course for Teachers


Session 4: What Are the Processes for Evolution?

Evolution Web Features

Sex and the Single Guppy

The Mating Game

Microbe Clock

The Advantage of Sex

Evolution Library

"Red Queen" video segment


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Extensions: External Web Link


Orchids and the Panda's Thumb
An activity illustrating contrivances in nature.

Indepth Investigation

Birds, Beaks, and Natural Selection



Birds, Beaks, and Natural Selection (pdf)


Bird Beak Data Sheet (pdf, 1 per person)


Mutation (pdf, 1 per group)


Teacher Resource


Teaching Evolution Case Studies: Bonnie Chen


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Know More

External Web Links

Talk.Origins Archive
In-depth background articles on evolution

Natural Selection
Discussion of natural selection and genotypes using sickle cell anemia as an example


Natural Selection -- Latrobe
Discussion of natural selection and population genetics including founder effect


The Origin of the Species
Online version of Darwin's Origin of Species, chapter on natural selection

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