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Teacher's Guide: Evolution

Unit 5 Web Resources: How Did Humans Evolve?


Watch Your Step

Video Resource


"Laetoli Footprints"


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Choosing the Best Explanation (pdf)


Laetoli Trackways (pdf)


Teacher Background on Laetoli Trackways (pdf)

Chromosome Clues



Chromosome Clues (pdf)


Chromosome Clues Worksheet (pdf)


Chromosome Clues Diagram (pdf)

Online Student Lessons

Lesson 5: How Did Humans Evolve?

Videos for Students

Video 5: Did Humans Evolve?


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Take it Further

Online Course for Teachers


Session 5: How Did Humans Evolve?

Evolution Web Features

Is Intelligent Life Inevitable?

Origins of Humankind

Riddle of the Bones

Extensions: External Web Links

Teaching about Evolution and the Nature of Science
Activity 4:"Investigating Common Descent: Formulating Explanations and Models"


Hominoid Cranium Comparison
Hominid skull lab

Indepth Investigation

Fossils and Migration Patterns of Early Hominids


World Map (pdf)

Hominid Fossil Data (pdf)

Hominid Fossil Skull Drawings (pdf)

Hominid Migration Discussion Questions (pdf)

Evolution Web Features

Origins of Humankind

Riddle of the Bones

Know More

External Web Links

Human Evolution
Activity provides information on the major hominid species


Anthropology Tutorials
A very comprehensive, up-to-date resource with more then 20 tutorials, complete with photos and illustrations, on both physical and cultural anthropology from Palomar College


Becoming Human
Institute for Human Origins Site with many resources including skull photos and information on anatomy, lineages, culture, and theories of human migration


Where to Draw the Genus Boundaries
Site includes photos of comparative skulls


The Talk.Origins Archive
Contains current information about hominid evolution and fossil evidence

Articles: Evolution Library

Wilford, John Noble. "The Transforming Leap, from Four Legs to Two".

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