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Teacher's Guide: Evolution

Unit 6 Web Resources: Why Does Evolution Matter Now?


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When An Apple A Day Isn't Enough


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"Cholera: Domesticating Disease "


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"Double Immunity"


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Evolution Web Feature


The Evolving Enemy

Evolution in the News

Evolution Library

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Lesson 6: Why Does Evolution Matter Now?

Videos for Students

Video 6: Why Does Evolution Matter Now?


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Take it Further

Online Course for Teachers


Session Five: How Did Humans Evolve? Is Evolution Still Happening?

Evolution Web Features

Microbe Clock

Babies by Design

A Modern Mass Extinction?

The Evolving Enemy

Extensions: External Web Links

Rainforests of Madagascar: Role Playing and Decision Making
A decision-making activity related to hapitat destruction of rain forests.

Indepth Investigation

External Web Links

Evaluating Internet Information
Extensive resources on evaluating the Web


A Sound of Thunder
Copy of the story by Ray Bradbury from his book, R is for Rocket

Know More

External Web Links

Evolution, Science and Society
Comprehensive report on Evolution, Science, and Society sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the A.P. Sloan Foundation


The Rise of Antibiotic-Resistant Infections
FDA site with article on how antibiotic resistance develops

Anti-infective Drug Resistance
WHO site on anti-infective drug resistance, including report on resistant-TB worldwide


Antibiotics Fight Bacterial Germs!
Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics pamphlet

Harvest of Fear
Provides articles, interviews, interactive activities, and resources related to NOVA/Frontline show


About Bio
Offers the Biotechnology Industry Organization's position on food and agricultural biotechnology

About Biotech
Comprehensive site by Genetech, Inc. about biotech, including issues and ethics, applications, and careers


Food and Environment
The Union of Concerned Scientists' view on genetically engineered crops and reasons for modifications as well as information on antibiotic resistance (under Issues and Programs go to Food and Environment)

Endangered Species Habitat Conservation Planning
U.S. Fish and Wildlife site provides information on endangered species, laws and policies, publications, etc.


Ecological Society of America's fact sheet on invasive species

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