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Clare McKinney: A Teacher's Perspective

Clare McKinney is a science teacher at Jefferson High School in Lafayette, Indiana. The evolution-creation controversy hit home when a group of students circulated a petition demanding "special creation" be added to their science curriculum. More than half the students and thirty-five members of the faculty signed it. In this interview filmed for Evolution: "What About God?", McKinney shares her experience amidst controversy: caring for her students well-being while struggling to preserve the integrity of her science classroom. Fortunately, the Lafayette school board recognized that "special creation" -- a creationist attempt to justify the Bible "scientifically" -- does not belong in the science classroom; they voted against the petitioning students. But the debate continues in classrooms across America.

Credits: 2001 WGBH Educational Foundation and Clear Blue Sky Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.

Clare McKinney: A Teacher's Perspective

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