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Frequently Asked Questions About Evolution
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The Basics
  1. What is evolution?

2. Isn't evolution just a theory that remains unproven?

3. Are all species related?

4. What is a species?

5. What do genes have to do with evolution?

6. What role does sex play in evolution?

7. Is evolution a random process?

8. Are evolution and "survival of the fittest" the same thing?

9. How does natural selection work?

10. How do organisms evolve?

11. Does evolution prove there is no God?

  Where We Came From
  1. Did we evolve from monkeys?

2. How did humans evolve?

3. Is culture the result of evolution?

4. How are modern humans and Neanderthals related?

5. What do humans have in common with single-celled organisms?

6. What happened in the Cambrian explosion?

Where We're Going
  1. Why do some species survive while others go extinct?

2. Does evolution proceed toward increasing complexity?

3. If fish became amphibians through the process of evolution, then why do fish still exist?

4. Could apes ever evolve into some other humanlike creature?

5. Are humans influencing the process of evolution?

6. If humans evolved from apes then why are there still apes?

How We Know
  1. Is there evidence for evolution?

2. How can you know what happened millions of years ago if no one was there to see it?

3. Does the fossil record tell us the whole story?

What It Means to Evolve
  1. How can one species "turn into" another?

2. How can evolution produce complex organs like the eye?

3. Does evolution stop once a species has become a species?

4. Is evolution happening now?

A Matter of Time
  1. How long does evolution take?

2. Can you observe evolution happening?

3. How old is Earth?

4. How long has life existed on Earth?

5. How long ago did dinosaurs exist?

6. How long ago did humans become human?

  1. Who was Charles Darwin?

2. Why was Darwin's idea considered dangerous?

Why It's Important
  1. How can the evolution of one species affect the evolution of another?

2. What does it mean when some scientists say humans have stopped evolving?

3. If extinction is a natural part of life on Earth, why should we care about protecting endangered species?

4. How does evolution affect me in my daily life?

Evolution on Trial
  1. What is "intelligent design," and is it science?

2. What is "creation science"? Is it a real science?

3. Wouldn't it be fair to teach evolution and "creation science" and/or "intelligent design" in public schools?

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