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Evolution Revolution

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2000: Science Standards
(Battle in the Schools) (Reconciliation)

Science standards called "reprehensible." A nationwide study sponsored by The Fordham Foundation laments that 19 U.S. states do "a weak-to-reprehensible job of handling evolution in their science standards." Twelve states shun the word "evolution," and four avoid topics in evolution completely. The study stresses that creationist views have no place in the science classroom, yet also sounds a conciliatory note: "Scientists and science teachers do well to keep in mind that a large majority of Americans believes that faith in God is the surest way to appreciate the wonder and grandeur of life itself. Schools need to recognize and honor that faith."

2000: Jefferson High School
(Battle in the Schools)

Jefferson High School students petition for creationism. Reflecting grass-roots sentiment around the country, high school students in Lafayette, Ind., petition to have "special creation" taught in their biology classes. Their campaign, criticized by the school's biology teachers, is supported by most students in the school. The students' plea is rejected by the local school board, but efforts to teach creationism as science continue in Lafayette and around the country.

2001: Gallup Poll
(Evolution Challenged) (Reconciliation)

Gallup poll shows U.S. still split over evolution. The results of the most recent survey reveal a nation still torn over the issue of human evolution. A majority (57 percent) of Americans choose "creationism" over "evolution" when asked which term best describes human origins. Yet many people who select "creationism" might not call themselves "creationists." A great number of them do not rule out the possibility of human evolution altogether. Thirty-seven percent of all respondents say that humans evolved over millions of years, yet guided by God. In the 20 years that Gallup has run the same survey, public opinion has changed little.

2001: Human Genome
(Rise of Evolution)

Human genome reveals human evolution. With the first draft of the sequence of the human genome complete, scientists see more than ever before how intimately related the human species is to other life on Earth. Humans not only share more than 98 percent of their genes with chimpanzees, they even have genes in common with fruit flies and yeast. The field of genomics gives scientists new tools for understanding how humans, along with all living organisms, have evolved over billions of years.

2001: Templeton Prize

Templeton Prize winner is devout Christian and scientist. The Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion is awarded to the Rev. Cannon Dr. Arthur Peacocke, a pioneer in the study of DNA and a vocal supporter of evolutionary science. Peacocke, a biochemist and theologian, founded the Society of Ordained Scientists, an international order that seeks to foster the spirituality of professional scientists and acts as a bridge between religion and science. In accepting the prize, he notes, "The search for intelligibility that characterizes science and the search for meaning that characterizes religion are two necessary intertwined strands of the human enterprise."

2005: Dover PA School Board Trial
(Battle in the Schools)

Federal Court Rejects Intelligent Design. In December 2005, Federal District Court Judge John Jones III rules unconstitutional the effort by Pennsylvania's Dover Area School Board to force high school biology teachers to present "intelligent design" as a legitimate, alternative scientific theory to explain the origin of life. In his opinion the judge asserts that that the six-week trial yielded "overwhelming evidence" that intelligent design "is areligious view, a mere re-labeling of creationism, and not a scientific theory." One month prior to his decision, all school board members backing the intelligent design initiative are ousted by the community.


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