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Teach with Multimedia

When a local or national crisis occurs, teachers, like everyone else, are often caught off guard. The ability to quickly assemble accurate background information and engage students in thought-provoking activities, however, is essential. Media -- television, radio, and Web -- can help teachers build students' content knowledge and sharpen critical-thinking skills both during a crisis and throughout the year. The following strategies provide ways for teachers to use media resources as effective teaching tools:

11 Teaching Strategies That Effectively Use Media Resources

Hear from Dr. Mary McFarland, social studies educator and past president of the National Council for the Social Studies. Accompanying video clips provide examples.

Video and Internet Strategies

Review these tips from the National Teacher Training Institute (NTTI) to incorporate video and Internet resoruces into your lessons.

Help! Nothing Works

Find information on the plug-ins, connections, and systems you need to optimally run the Global Connections Web site.

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