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The Lone Star: The Story of Liberia

This is an introduction to Liberian political history. Settled in the early 1800s by freeborn Blacks and former slaves from America, Liberia, whose name means "land of freedom," has always struggled with its double cultural heritage: that of the settlers and of the indigenous Africans.
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Liberia and the United States: A Complex Relationship

This is an overview of the history of the relationship between Liberia and the United States. The question of the proper role of the United States in Liberia's past, present, and future is an increasingly complex one.
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Liberia and the U.S.: Historic Ties and Policy Decisions

How do relations between countries change over time in response to both domestic and international pressures? Students will think critically about factors affecting U.S. foreign policy toward Liberia and analyze the comparative weight of historic ties, historic debts, pragmatic political alliances, and human rights.
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Private Profits and Public Policies

How do economic factors shape U.S. and Liberian foreign policy through the examination of trade in diamonds, timber, rubber, and guns? Students will be able to identify and discuss economic factors that contribute to U.S. foreign policy toward Liberia.
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Review key milestones of Liberia's rich political history, from the arrival of the first explorers to the election of Charles Taylor.

Teach with Multimedia

Whether you're looking for ways to enrich your teaching or reach different styles of learners, incorporating multimedia into your lessons may be the key.
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