GLOBAL CONNECTIONS: the Near/Middle East
1991: The UN deems Iraq a pre-industrial state as a result of its recent wars.

The war with Iran from 1980-88 and the recent Gulf War, together with the subsequent imposition of international sanctions, has a devastating effect on Iraq's economy and society. UN reports describe living standards as being at subsistence level. Some 47,000 children under 5 years of age are believed to have died from war-related causes following the Gulf War alone.

PBS Perennial Problem /jan-june01/iraq_2-23.html

A look at the U.S. policy towards Iraq, the problem that won't go away (February 2001)

PBS Looking for Answers: Interviews: Saad al-Fagih /shows/terrorism/interviews/fagih .html

Saad al-Fagih, a Saudi Arabian dissident, explains to Frontline the factors that fuel anti-American sentiments in the Middle East and the dilemmas Saudi Arabia will face by becoming a U.S. ally.

PBS Looking for Answers: Why Is America the Target of Militant Islam? /shows/terrorism/saudi/whyus.html

U.S. policymakers and Saudi and Iraqi dissidents talk to Frontline about the reasons for anti-U.S. hatred in the Islamic world.

PBS Spying on Saddam: Analyses: Who Killed UNSCOM? /shows/unscom/experts/whokilled. html

Frontline asks several experts about the demise of UNSCOM.

PBS Iraq Under Pressure /jan-june02/iraq_3-7.html

For the first time in three years, Iraqis consider letting United Nations nuclear weapons inspectors back into their country. (March 2002)

PBS Spying on Saddam: Interviews: Richard Haass /shows/unscom/interviews/haass.html

Frontline interviews Richard Haass, former member of the National Security Council, about Saddam Hussein.

PBS A Continuing Fight /july-dec99/iraq_8-17a.html

Since 1990, the U.S. has pursued a plan to contain Iraq and has imposed sanctions and air restrictions against the Iraqi government. Is the U.S. policy working? (April 1999)

PBS The Survival of Saddam: Interviews: Dr. Ahmed Chalabi /shows/saddam/interviews/chalabi .html

Frontline interviews Dr. Ahmed Chalai, who is a part of the three-man leadership council for the Iraqi opposition group, the Iraqi National Congress.