Harvest of Fear (photo of wheat)A NOVA/FRONTLINE special report | NOVA | FRONTLINE (clickable, see below for text)
Exploring the Growing Controversy over Genetically Modified Food should we grow gm crops: Sample the key arguments, pro and con, then decide for yourself.

engineer a crop (hot science): Test how they're modified, using traditional or bio-engineered methods on computer generated plants

guess what's coming to dinner?  A look at genetically altered foods being developed for U.S. grocery products in the future.

viewpoints: Is it safe to eat? What are the risks/benefits? How radical is it? Can it be adequately regulated and labeled?
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In "Harvest of Fear," FRONTLINE and NOVA explore the intensifying debate over genetically-modified (gm) food crops. Interviewing scientists, farmers, biotech and food industry representatives, government regulators, and critics of biotechnology, this two-hour report presents both sides of the debate, exploring the risks and benefits, the hopes and fears, of this new technology.
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published april 2001

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