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Katharine Hayhoe

“It’s a little like coming out of the closet admitting that you are a Christian and a scientist.”


Katharine studies climate change. And she wants us to act on it NOW.


As a climate change evangelist, Katharine believes her religious faith obligates her to spread the word about climate change.

What does it mean?

Katharine Hayhoe explains that climate change isn't just about polar bears.

Climate Change Evangelist

Katharine Hayhoe explains why Christians should care about climate change.

30 Second Science with Katharine Hayhoe

We give Katharine Hayhoe 30 seconds to describe her science and she gets it right… the second time.

10 Questions for Katharine Hayhoe

We ask Katharine Hayhoe 10 questions and she disses Al Gore.

About Katharine Hayhoe

Katharine Hayhoe is Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Texas Tech University. She recently co-wrote a book with her husband about climate change from an Evangelical Christian perspective.

  • Elizabeth Raver

    I want to be her best friend! I have been telling people this stuff for years and it’s nice to finally see another Christian who is also a scientist that shoots straight and tells the truth about what is happening in the world. Thank you, Katharine! God Bless and keep up the great work!!!

  • Robin

    The response to climate change always seems to focus on what governments and big business need to do. Individuals and familes can make a difference by planting trees and native plants on their own properties. Trees provide shade (cooling the earth) and take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Individuals and families can also encourage their local policy and law makers to have pro-tree ordinances and practices.

  • I thank God for you Katharine! I love your spunk and enthusiasm and I admire your courage. May God protect and bless you. Rock on

  • Billy from Brazil

    Hello, very few people that know me!!! My name is Katharine and I am christian!!! Now, let me preach you about… socialist policies to satisfy UN’s will!!! This woman smells, looks and tastes like a big FRAUD!!!

  • Billy from Brazil

    The woman wants to use Science to enforce her worldview… And she EXPLICITLY DECLARES THAT!!! How unprofessional is that??? And people are going to fake she IS NOT doing exactly that??? Lol…

    • Haylie

      Really? you scare people with your negative attitude. What Katherine is stating is factual. Try looking at NASA reports. Look for the positive instead of the negative. What are you doing to help preserve the earth or with climate issues?

    • Stephen Willis

      Don’t you just hate it when people use verifiable, science-based facts to support their claims? How outrageous that anyone would actually base their beliefs on true facts, instead of something they were told to believe. For more outrageous science-based facts on climate change and the PR campaign designed to cloud the issue, http://desmogblog.com/2012/11/15/why-climate-deniers-have-no-credibility-science-one-pie-chart

  • Anwer Maximos

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  • Eric Marsh

    I bet Katharine gets some grief from within the conservative evangelical community.

    • Glenn Shrom

      Actually, there is not much about evangelical Christianity to tell us what practical steps we should take to protect our environment, nor to tell us the science of what effect our actions are having on it. We basically are commanded to be good stewards of God’s creation, and then it is up to us to figure out what that looks like. A lot of liberals would not be happy if they had to give up all digital communications and media in order to save the environment. It’s funny how the carbon footprint of our technology gets overlooked, yet air travel gets flack, yet the two have about an equal effect according to science (2% of global greenhouse gas emissions each). Al Gore does not seem happy to tear down his mansions to plant trees that trap carbon on that land instead.

  • Shari Smith

    Who can believe science and therefore the so-called facts any more when so I-called scientists such as the Penn State professor are found committing fraud in his research? And these are the people involved in peer review? Right, we’re supposed to fall in line not questionong the frauds. Then we read that an ubdersea volcano has been found in the Arctic Sea northeast of Norway , also that methane has been observed bubbling up in the Arctic Sea. It doesn’t take a genius to see that either one of these phenomena will cause arctic ice to melt. Anyone can see that, except for those blinded by their bias. So these people want to wreak ecomical mayhem on middle class people who are already staggering under the weight of the Left’s failed economy.

  • Ben Franklin

    Wow, Shari, you are not very well informed. I suggest you watch a bit more NOVA and a bit less FOX news. Dr. Mann was not found committing any “fraud” – not sure what you are talking about there. And the carbon cycle is much better understood than you present – though we continue to find new information all the time.

  • homeland

    Thank God for this woman!!