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Katharine Hayhoe

“It’s a little like coming out of the closet admitting that you are a Christian and a scientist.”


Katharine studies climate change. And she wants us to act on it NOW.


As a climate change evangelist, Katharine believes her religious faith obligates her to spread the word about climate change.

What does it mean?

Katharine Hayhoe explains that climate change isn't just about polar bears.

Climate Change Evangelist

Katharine Hayhoe explains why Christians should care about climate change.

30 Second Science with Katharine Hayhoe

We give Katharine Hayhoe 30 seconds to describe her science and she gets it right… the second time.

10 Questions for Katharine Hayhoe

We ask Katharine Hayhoe 10 questions and she disses Al Gore.

About Katharine Hayhoe

Katharine Hayhoe is Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Texas Tech University. She recently co-wrote a book with her husband about climate change from an Evangelical Christian perspective.