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Darwin's Darkest Hour

Links & Books


Becoming Human
Trace the history of humans at this site from the Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University.

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online
Read Darwin's most important published and unpublished writings.

Human Ancestors Hall
Get acquainted with your ancient relatives at this site from the Smithsonian Institution.

Explore PBS's rich library of evolution-related content, produced for its Evolution series

Evolution Resources from the National Academies
Find answers to common questions at the National Academies' website.

Understanding Evolution
See a history of the study of evolution, how evolution impacts your life, and more.

Evolution—New Scientist
Get the latest news on evolution from New Scientist magazine.

Life on Earth: The Tree of Life Web Project
Click through the tree of life and find how you're connected to the other living things on our planet.

Darwin Correspondence Project
Read more than 5,000 of Charles Darwin's letters.

TalkOrigins Archive
Find out more about the Creation/Evolution controversy.

The Loom | Discover Magazine
Follow the adventures of Carl Zimmer, a leading writer who covers evolution and biology.

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