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Decoding Nazi Secrets

Ideas from Teachers

(Gr. 9-11)
We are special education teachers in Maine who use NOVA programs in our classrooms. The integration of units/themes is central to our program's mission.

As part of our curriculum, our class has been doing an interdisciplinary unit on the 20th century. We've incorporated NOVA's "Decoding Nazi Secrets" program into our timeline as part of the WWII section. We've brought this into many curriculum areas: During Silent Sustained Reading (SSR), we have read sections from David Kahn's books, Seizing the Enigma and Code Breakers. In math/science, we have looked at patterns as part of code-breaking and other forms of codes. Students have even taken it upon themselves to bring in newspaper articles that are relevant to the codebreakers activity.

We begin each lesson with a code to break or another hands-on activity. This could be as simple as the Jumble or Crytoquips in the newspaper to making a Spartan Scytale.

This NOVA program tied in nicely with our model of Normandy and other WWII activities.

Sent in by
Boyd Marley
Henry College

(Gr. 10-12)
I have been experimenting with the Fibonacci Sequence and introducing the concepts of codes and patterns to students enrolled in honors and advanced mathematics classes. This activity could be used with NOVA's "Decoding Nazi Secrets" program.

As the Fibonacci Sequence is such a famous pattern, I have attempted to describe it mathematically, not just in terms of 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 80, but in a way that I can extrapolate any term in the sequence, using a mathematical "rubberband" to keep the calculations from floating out of range.

As the mathematics cannot be typed easily in this dialogue box, if interested, please contact me and I can send a typed-set, scannable version.

I have also prepared a set of URLs appropriate for student research into other aspects of the sequence.

Sent in by
Steven Branting
Lewiston High School
Lewiston, ID

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Decoding Nazi Secrets

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