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Classroom Resources: Mysteries of the Nile
Just Get Started

  1. Map out the location of the pyramids on the Giza Plateau and provide a brief description of each.

  2. Interpret information about a mystery archaeological site.

  3. Solve this hieroglyphics puzzle, figure out how to write your name or a sentence in hieroglyphs, and provide information about the origin of this picture language.

  4. Make a list of some the steps necessary to conduct a scientific expedition by using the following news flashes.

  5. Plot the geographical locations of the following ancient technological achievements and supply a brief description of each.

  6. Build your own scale model of a pyramid and compare it to scaled-down versions of other buildings.

  7. Compile a poster of some of the different kinds of objects archaeologists find at excavation sites, including a brief description of each site's location and discoveries.

  8. Learn how to map an archaeological site by creating and mapping one of your own. (Note: The activity begins with After Watching #1.)

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