Hubble's Amazing Rescue: The unlikely story of how the world's most beloved telescope was saved. Airs on PBS October 13, 2009
Follow the Hubble Repair

Follow the Hubble Repair
NOVA producer Rush DeNooyer offers a day-by-day view of the 2009 mission from the inside.

Saving Hubble Update

Saving Hubble Update
Find links to our NOVA scienceNOW segments on the Hubble repair, a feature on Hubble's famous image of the Eagle Nebula, and more.

Ask the Experts
On the NOVA scienceNOW website, astronauts John Grunsfeld and Mike Massimino answer questions.

TV Program Description

TV Program Description
In this film, follow the 12-day Space Telescope mission and its five nailbiting spacewalks.

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