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Who Am I? Activity

Scientist 1: Mae Jemison; the space shuttle Endeavour was launched in 1992.

Scientist 2: Mario Molina; Dr. Molina received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Scientist 3: Percy Julian; the plant that Dr. Julian focused on was the soybean.

Find Percy Julian Activity

  1. Percy Julian's Childhood
    1. Montgomery
    2. April 11, 1899
    3. James and Elizabeth
  2. Percy Julian's Education
    1. DePauw University
    2. Harvard University
    3. Vienna
  3. Scientific Breakthroughs
    1. Aer-o-foam
    2. cortisone
    3. Chicagoan of the Year
  4. Standing for Justice
    1. He refused to move from Oak Park or to be intimidated.
    2. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
    3. 1993
  5. Scientists of Color Today
    Answers will vary.
  6. Which library resources did you use to find your information?
    Resources will vary.

Today, 3 billion bushels of soybeans are grown each year in the United States. Soy products are used in virtually every American industry, from medicine to plastics.

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