NOVA Labs for Educators

Labs in the Classroom

There are many ways to bring NOVA Labs into your classroom. Every Lab presents a particular subject and allows students to develop their own questions and investigations around that subject. While the focus of the Labs will vary, their basic components will remain consistent. In each, you can expect to find:

A Research Challenge

Every Lab will have a research challenge or activity that allows users to explore a new data set and/or scientific phenomenon. While the challenges will vary—some being more open-ended, others being more structured and game-like—they will all encourage users to conduct their own scientific analyses and investigations. 


Each Lab comes with a collection of free videos that provide the background information necessary for students to succeed in the Lab's research challenge. The concepts explored in these videos range from the basic to the more nuanced and complex. Together, they are intended to give students a solid foundation in the relevant scientific principles and an understanding of why each area of research matters. All the Lab videos can be found here.

Opportunities and Resources

For each Lab, we provide a list of related opportunities and career exploration resources relevant to teens. Students will find internships, scholarship, science competitions, and other ways to stay involved in science on the “Opportunities” page. Share these resources with your students, their parents, and school counselors.

Community and Social Feed

In addition to making new content and data available and accessible, NOVA Labs provides an online community on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube, in which you and your students can share, ask questions, or just "listen in" as experts and students discuss recent observations or ideas that have come up in the various fields of research.

An Educator Guide

For each Lab, we provide additional ideas and materials for educators that are specific to that Lab and subject area. Use the tabs above to find education resources specific to the Energy Lab, Sun Lab, Cloud Lab, RNA Lab, Cybersecurity Lab, and Evolution Lab.