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The Wilds of Madagascar
Field Report

This section will include photos, maps, and audio files students can use to develop their own "end-of-season" field reports about The Wilds of Madagascar, either print or multi-media. These reports can be used toward the end of the Online Adventure to help students learn how to summarize information, demonstrate their understanding of a particular concept or concepts, or as a basis for further exploration on a particular topic.

Encourage students to be creative in how they brainstorm, organize, and present their reports. Students may want to use the field report to summarize the NOVA expedition, reporting on such topics as where the expedition went, what was learned, and what students would aim to accomplish on a future expedition. Other students may want to use the information on this site as a jumping-off point for a report on a general aspect of the adventure, such as what it is like to live in Madagascar or what is currently known about the fossa (pronounced "FOO-sa"). Still other students may choose to focus on a specific topic, such as what other research is being done worldwide on endangered animals or how Madagascar's animal and human population has changed over the past 200 years. Students may want to augment their reports with information from other Web sites and offline resources.

Students can use only the photos, maps, and audio files included in this section, and for this purpose only. All other material on this Web site is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without the written permission of NOVA Online. Students can, however, use the essays, articles, and other features on the Web site as a resource from which to draw information for their reports. Students should include a bibliography at the end of their report citing all sources they used.

  • Photo files
  • Maps
  • Audio files

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