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I understand that sometimes it's better to start from scratch than to fix that which is old and breaking. But why can't the Mir station be rebuilt by replacing modules? Like this, the new space station would have a base to begin from.

What do you think the most critical crew habitat issues will be for a Mars mission, nine months out bound, nine months on the surface, nine months back?

Do you think there are limitations to the complexities of systems that we can contemplate? What about the self-limiting behaviors that prevent a technician who suspects a problem from the O rings from mentioning their concerns to the "Challenger" launch crew?

What a unique perspective you must have about life on earth and the human condition. Thanks for your story, and have you developed claustrophobia?

I am four years old. When you were my age, did you want to go into space like I hope to someday?

How do you brush your hair in space without it standing up?

How difficult was it to overcome the psychological problems of being away from friends, family, nearly everyone for five months?

Have any new methods been developed to combat the physical atrophy due to decreased gravity while in orbit? Will these be used on the international space stations?

When first in orbit, did you experience much motion sickness, and if so, how long until you were acclimated to weightlessness?

How does it feel to have no gravity? Is it fun?

How do you maintain your friendships with your Russian colleagues? Are you still in touch?

Jerry Leninger, Craig, a friend and co-worker at the G.M. tech center wanted to know, is there any noise that you can hear out there in space?

When I see pictures of Mir, Hubble, and even the older photos of the astronaut on the moon, I notice that the sky is completely black. Why don't the stars show up in these photographs?

What is the ISS going to be used for besides replacing Mir?

Can you describe in words how fire appears in a zero-G environment?

What is your opinion of John Glenn's current space flight? If in 36 years you are given the opportunity to return to space, would you go?

How are you selected to be on the Spaceship Mir?

Candidly, how serious was the fire aboard Mir? At any time, did you consider it a life-threatening situation?

Dear Jerry, how important was the amateur radio link between earth and Mir in getting you information about activities on Earth?

Do you believe that the U.S. Congress will have the fortitude to maintain and fund a station that may have life-threatening problems such as those you encountered on Mir?

How much do astronauts make? Could they get extra pay when in space?

Were there any features of the international space station that were redesigned as a result of what was learned from the accidents on the Russian Mir?

Jerry, I watched you on NOVA this week and felt for you. Do you believe the Russians are risking lives for the sake of their national pride? Will they be team players in space? I'll be reading your book when it comes out.

How do you go to the bathroom in space?

Rather than Mars, why don't we go back to the moon and establish colonies there? We know the way; it is closer and a lot less expensive than the planets.

How did it feel when you came back to earth?

Shouldn't the old Mir be preserved, even if it's not made part of the new international space station by being lifted in a higher orbit and not down into a fatal orbit that will assure it will crash and burn up?

What kind of physician are you? And what are your present daily activities like?

Did your experience on the Mir bring you any spiritual insights?

When Mir will plunge out of orbit and crash into Earth, won't it create a safety hazard to people as Spacelab did in the 80's.

Now that we have a 77-year-old man in space, do you think we should send an eight-year-old? Also, do you think the new space station should have families on board?

Did you ever feel that you took a questionable chance with the decision to go to the fixed space station Mir in order not to miss your chance to go to space? Do you think you would go with the information you know now of the condition of the craft?

What do astronauts eat for breakfast? Is it good?

Do you see yourself as conquering space? Do you think that it is a viable option for tourism to turn to next, and is it the ultimate escapism?

How did the shower work in Mir?

Do you feel that a consortium of 16 different nations can effectively work together to build a safe and efficient international space station based on your experiences on Mir?

Considering the problems encountered during your stay on Mir, do you have any reservations about the design, integrity, and operation of the proposed Russian modules? What are your feelings regarding the professionalism and ability of the Russian astronauts, and do you have any regrets from your resignation from NASA?

Do you have any final thoughts for our audience on space exploration?

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