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Chapter 1
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The Solar Resource

Across the United States, homeowners are showing renewed interest in harnessing the sun's energy.
running time 7:58

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Chapter 2
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The Energy Crunch

Consumers and experts debate the pros and cons of keeping carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere by going solar.
running time 9:08

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Chapter 3
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Powering City Life

The desert Southwest is the ideal place for large-scale solar plants that power nearby U.S. cities.
running time 6:07

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Chapter 4
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The German Experiment

Germany's support of renewable energy through financial incentives has had a surprising impact on the economy.
running time 8:28

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Chapter 5
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Good Business?

Despite no government-led incentive program, many businesses in the U.S. are finding it worthwhile to go green.
running time 7:33

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Chapter 6
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The Future Energy Mix

Is the solar revolution finally happening for real?
running time 10:32

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