Secret State of North Korea

January 14, 2014

Using undercover footage, FRONTLINE explores life under Kim Jong-un.

(53:41) Using undercover footage, FRONTLINE explores life under Kim Jong-un.



Was the Sony Cyberattack North Korea’s Strike Back at Western Media?

North Korea’s government considers Western films a threat because they undercut Kim Jong-un’s efforts to limit his citizens’ exposure to the outside world.

UN: North Korea Commits “Unspeakable Atrocities”

The North Korean government uses torture, abuse and other crimes to crush dissent and maintain control of its people.

Inside Kim Jong-un’s Military Shake-Up

What happened to top North Korean officials before and after a leadership purge.

Is There Hope for Resistance in North Korea? Live Chat 1pm ET Wed. 1/15

Join a live chat on “Secret State of North Korea” with producer James Jones, North Korea expert Sue Mi Terry from Columbia University, and guest questioner Aaron Schachter from PRI’s The World. You can leave a question now.

Sue Mi Terry: North Korea Is a “Mystery” Under Kim Jong-un

Intelligence officials know even less about North Korea’s new ruler than they did about his enigmatic father, says a former analyst for the CIA.

Victor Cha: Why Kim Jong-un Faces the “Dictator’s Dilemma”

North Korea must open up to survive, but doing so risks the collapse of the regime, says the former Director for Asian Affairs at the National Security Council.

Using “Skyfall” to Fight Back Against Kim Jong-un

Jeong Kwang-il, a former political prisoner in North Korea, now smuggles Western entertainment back into the country he fled.

What’s It Like to Make a Film About Life Under Kim Jong-un?

Meet FRONTLINE Director James Jones.

Coming in January on FRONTLINE

Next month, we’ll go inside the government’s insider trading investigation of the hedge fund industry as well as the “Secret State of North Korea.” Plus a pre-Superbowl rebroadcast of our most-talked about film of 2013.

Press Release | FRONTLINE Goes Inside the ‘Secret State’ to Explore Life Under Kim Jong-un

In Secret State of North Korea, FRONTLINE shines a light on the hidden world of the North Korean people, drawing on undercover footage from inside the country as well as interviews with defectors—including a former top official—who are working to try to chisel away at the regime’s influence.


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