The Interrogator

September 13, 2011

An extended conversation with Ali Soufan, an FBI agent who was at the center of the 9/11 investigations


AQ Militant Killed in Yemen At Center of Debate Over Pre-911 Intelligence Sharing

A less well-known part of Fahd al-Quso’s saga is that he was also at the center of a debate about whether American intelligence agencies could have prevented 9/11.

Live Chat: Ali Soufan’s Inside View of the War on Terror

Read a transcript of our live chat with Ali Soufan and the New Yorker’s Amy Davidson.

Dig Deeper: Ali Soufan & The Debate Over Interrogations

Read more about Ali Soufan and the issues he raises about interrogation methods in this collection of articles, testimony and reports.

The Beginning of “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques”

In March 2002, Ali Soufan was sent to interrogate Abu Zubaydah, one of the highest level Al Qaeda operatives in … Continue reading

Inside the CIA’s Redaction Process

Last week, we told you about the heavy cuts the CIA is demanding from former FBI Agent Ali Soufan’s upcoming … Continue reading

CIA Demands Heavy Cuts in Former FBI Agent’s Memoir

The CIA is pushing for heavy redactions in the memoir of a former FBI agent, Ali Soufan, who was at … Continue reading


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53:39The Anthrax Files10/11/2011
1:47:27Top Secret America09/06/2011
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