About this Website

This Web site is a companion to People's Century, a 26-episode television series broadcast on PBS. The site contains material of interest to a general audience, with special content for high-school educators and students.

Among the special features of this site are:

A timeline, which shows the relative time span of each episode and highlights signifcant world events related to that topic.

A thematic overview, especially useful for educators, which indicates the commonly taught themes in history that are covered in each episode, as well as a listing of episodes by theme.

A teacher's guide, which provides discussion questions to help students in viewing the programs, as well as a classroom activity that focuses on a selected program segment.

Eyewitness transcripts, two for each episode, which allow you to read more of what these "people of the century" reported to our film-makers as they were interviewed for the production.(You can also listen to a brief Real Audio excerpt from their interview.)

Your stories, where we invite you to add your own story, or that of your family, to the Web record of the People's Century.

We hope your enjoy your visit!

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