Age of Hope (1900)
Optimism reigns as the new century begins

Killing Fields (1916)
Marching to glory, soldiers face death on an industrial scale in a ghastly global war

Red Flag (1917)
Communism brings hope-and horrors-to Russia's millions

Lost Peace (1919)
The hope for a new world order

On the Line (1926)
Mass production forever alters the lives of workers and consumers

Great Escape (1927)
The world forgets its troubles and falls in love with the movies

Breadline (1929)
Economic depression triggers unemployment on a global scale

Sporting Fever (1930)
Fans root for the home team in a sports craze that pushes nationalism to new levels

Master Race (1933)
Nazism overtakes German society

Total War (1939)
Civilians become targets-contributing to the war effort with their labor and their lives

Fallout (1945)
Nuclear energy is unleashed

Brave New World (1945)
A "cold" war embroils the US and the Soviet Union in a contest of ideologies

Freedom Now (1947)
Colonial rule is overthrown in Asia and Africa

Boomtime (1948)
Post-war prosperity transforms lifestyles and cultural values in the United States and abroad

Asia Rising (1951)
From the ashes of war, Japan and Korea rise to economic prominence

Living Longer (1952)
Medical advances further the fight against disease

Endangered Planet (1959)
Runaway growth brings prosperity at a price

Skin Deep (1960)
Racial oppression is challenged in the United States and South Africa

Picture Power (1963)
Television unexpectedly transforms society, culture, and politics

Great Leap (1965)
China yields to Chairman Mao

Young Blood (1968)
A new generation challenges the Establishment

Half the People (1969)
At home and at work, women fight for equal rights

Guerrilla Wars (1973)
Revolution succeeds through guerrilla warfare

God Fights Back (1979)
Religious fundamentalism flourishes in the East and West

People Power (1991)
Communist rule crumbles in the Soviet Union

Fast Forward (1999)
New technologies connect the world-while age-old rivalries threaten the New World Order

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