About the Series

David Espar, Senior Producer

A long-time independent producer, David Espar joined WGBH in 1981 to produce, write, and edit five episodes of the prize-winning business series Enterprise. He later co-produced, co-wrote, photographed, and edited Song of Survival, an independent film that aired on PBS in 1986. Espar served as senior producer for the ten-part PBS series Rock & Roll, and has produced several other projects for public television, including War and Peace in the Nuclear Age and, for the widely celebrated series The American Experience, Nixon and The Kennedys. His numerous professional honors include two Peabody Awards (Rock & Roll and People's Century), an Emmy Award (The Kennedys), Blue and Red Ribbon Prizes at the American Film Festival, CINE Golden Eagles, a Gold Plaque from the Chicago International Film Festival, a Silver Worldmedal from the New York Festivals, two Writers Guild Awards, and a Worldfest Houston Gold Medal. He is currently writing, producing, and directing Hollywood Censored for the WGBH special series, Culture Shock.

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