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Peter Pagnamenta, Executive Producer (BBC)

Peter Pagnamenta, executive producer at the BBC for People's Century, is responsible for conceiving and producing many historical and documentary series on British television, serving as editor of the nightly BBC-1 program 24 Hours and the flagship current affairs program Panorama. After serving as Head of Current Affairs at Thames Television, Pagnamenta returned to the BBC in 1980 to produce the eleven-part All Our Working Lives, a social and industrial history of Britain in the twentieth century, for which he also co-wrote the series companion book; edit the weekly documentary strand on BBC-1; and executive produce Comrades, six films from the Soviet Union, the Road to War, an eight-part series about the Second World War, and Nippon, an eight-part series about post-war Japan. Pagnamenta's awards include the Shell Award, the Industrial Journalism Award, the BFI Archive Award, the National Viewers and Listeners Award and, for People's Century, the 1996 International Emmy and 1997 Peabody Award.

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