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Why Freud & Lewis?
A video introduction to the program and an excerpt from the book The Question of God: Sigmund Freud & C.S. Lewis, by Dr. Armand Nicholi

Two Different Lives
A menu of transcripts and video chapters on the lives of Freud and Lewis

In Their Own Words
A selection of program-related excerpts from major works by Freud and Lewis

Nine Conversations
A menu of transcripts and video chapters of the program's nine panel discussions on issues of faith and doubt

Other Voices
A menu of 12 readings from a wider circle of perspectives on issues and themes dealt with in the program

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The Complete Program

All segments from the Question of God programs are available here either as video chapters or text transcripts, or both.

The Question of God — Program 1
Freud — "Golden Child"
Lewis — "Surprised by Joy"
Conversation 1 — "A Transcendent Experience"
Freud — "The Revelation of Science"
Conversation 2 — "Science or Revelation?"
Lewis — "School Days"
Freud — "Interpreter of Dreams"
Conversation 3 — "The Exalted Father"
Lewis — "A Leap in the Dark"
Conversation 4 — "Why Believe?"
Freud — "Human Mythology"
Lewis — "From Spirits to God"
Conversation 5 — "Miracles"
The Question of God — Program 2
Freud — "Libido"
Lewis — "The Four Loves"
Conversation 6 — "Love Thy Neighbor"
Freud — "Civilization and Its Discontents"
Conversation 7 — "Human Condition"
Lewis — "Defender of the Faith"
Conversation 8 — "Moral Law"
Freud — "The Promised Land"
Lewis — "A Grief Observed"
Conversation 9 — "Suffering and Death"