Newport, RI

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The July 31 ticket application has passed. All tickets will be distributed in advance, and tickets will not be available at the event site.

Event Details

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

548 Bellevue Avenue
Newport, RI 02840

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s first outdoor event will be held throughout the house and extensive grounds of the historic Newport Mansion, Rosecliff.  


Applications for tickets closed July 31, 2017. Ticket winners will be selected in a random drawing on or about August 7, 2017. All tickets will be distributed electronically to each winner’s ticket application email address in advance of the event. You must have tickets to enter the event. Tickets will not be available on the day of event.

Park & Ride

You must have an ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Newport event ticket to park. Parking is free and located off-site at Chateau-sur-Mer, 474 Bellevue Avenue, Newport. You must park here to attend the event*. A shuttle service will take you to and from the event at Rosecliff. Due to the shuttle size (door opening 30") we advise bringing items that you can carry and transport within the shuttle space.

Any ticket holder arriving at Rosecliff will be redirected to park at Chateau-sur-Mer. We cannot accommodate item or guest drop-off at Rosecliff.

*Handicapped parking is available at Rosecliff but for handicapped parking, you must still check-in at the main parking lot at Chateau-sur-Mer prior to driving to Rosecliff.

What You Need to Know

  • You must have a ticket to enter the event (and to park).
  • Each ticket holder may bring two items (and must bring at least one item). Please keep in mind you will need to carry your items during your visit, as dollies and carts are not permitted at this event.
  • We do not prescreen ticket holders' items and cannot suggest which items ticket holders should choose to bring.
  • Please do not arrive at the Chateau-sur-Mer parking lot more than 30 minutes before the entrance time on your ticket.
  • Please remember to either print your ticket at home or have it available on your mobile device.

Appraisal Items & Appraisers

  • You must be able to carry your item throughout the event.
  • Please be prepared for steps, and grass and gravel surfaces.
  • Dollies and carts are not permitted at this event.
  • We cannot provide assistance with carrying your items.
  • Appraisers will be located inside the historic mansion and in tents outside.
  • If you contact a ROADSHOW appraiser in advance regarding the item(s) you plan to bring to the event, the item(s) will not be considered for taping.
  • Vehicles, stamps, stock certificates, paper currency, coins, bicycles, tools, fossils, glass fire extinguishers, explosives or hazardous materials cannot be appraised.
  • If you plan to bring an antique or vintage firearm for appraisal, please read important information in our FAQ.
  • You're welcome to bring a painting, but please keep in mind your wait might be shorter if you bring a different item for appraisal.


  • This is a rain-or-shine event. There will be no rainchecks; the venue has indoor and tented outdoor appraisal areas.
  • Plan appropriately for all types of weather — remember to bring your sunscreen and hat for sun, and raincoat and umbrella for rain.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear.


  • Accessible restrooms are available both outdoors and inside the mansion.
  • The mansion has partial wheelchair accessibility and operates a small wheel chair lift inside the main entrance.
  • If you or your guest has difficulty standing for long periods of time, please bring a small, lightweight portable chair.
  • Be prepared for steps, and grass and gravel surfaces.
  • Food and refreshments will be available for purchase at the event.
  • The fun continues at the exit, where you can stop and visit our valued sponsors and collect information about our appraisers.
  • Please say hello to your local PBS stations, WGBH and Rhode Island PBS, who will be located near the refreshment tent.

Free parking for ticket holders is located at Chateau-sur-Mer, 474 Bellevue Avenue, Newport.

Parking | Directions | Public Transportation

You've received your ticket, decided which two treasures to bring along, and now you're ready to hear the history behind your items. As you prepare to attend an ANTIQUES ROADSHOW taping event, here's what you can expect.

8 Easy Steps

Step 1: Are You Ready for Some ROADSHOW?

Before you come to the event, don't forget your ticket and two items for appraisal.

Step 2: It's Show Time!

On the day of the event, please plan to arrive at the venue no earlier than 30 minutes before the entrance time on your ticket. Present your ticket to the volunteers at the entrance and your ROADSHOW adventure begins.

Step 3: Waiting in the Wings

You will enter the event and line up according to the time on your ticket. Please wear comfortable shoes as the venues have concrete floors. If you or your guest has difficulty standing for long periods of time, please bring a small, lightweight and portable chair or wheelchair.

While you wait to enter the television production area, you'll enjoy meeting fellow guests and seeing their special items.

Step 4: Show Us Your Items

After waiting in the appropriate line according to the time on your ticket, it is time to show your treasures to a generalist appraiser who will give you two appraisal category tickets for the items you've brought. Each category ticket will allow you to receive one appraisal. There are over 20 categories in all, everything from Folk Art to Furniture.

Step 5: Ready for Your Close-Up?

When you have your category tickets, a volunteer will escort you to the appropriate appraisal line to learn the history and value of your item. Some tables will be busier than others, so you may have to wait in line again before you meet one of our appraisers.

If an appraiser thinks your treasure would make an interesting TV segment, he or she will call for a producer to see if your items should be taped for the show. If selected, you'll be escorted to the Green Room, where you'll have make-up applied, sign a release, and wait for your turn to be on camera!

Step 6: Take a Bow

Once you've received your appraisals, and as you exit the production area, you may want to stop by the "Feedback Booth" for a chance to record some thoughts about your ANTIQUES ROADSHOW experience for possible inclusion in a future ROADSHOW episode.

In Newport, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW expects to see around 3,000 people, and our 50 appraisers will likely appraise over 6,000 items during the event. When your appraisal is complete, please make your way to the exit so others can take their turn.

Step 7: Thank You... And Thanks to our Sponsors

At the exit, please visit our valued sponsors and the local PBS stations who would like to thank you for attending and supporting ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. There you will also have a chance to collect information about our appraisers.

Step 8: Visit Us on TV and the Web

Your tour with ANTIQUES ROADSHOW doesn't have to stop at the event. Visit us online:

Track the summer's discoveries and upcoming broadcasts at

Like us on Facebook at

Follow @RoadshowPBS on Twitter for live, behind-the-scenes updates

Then, tune in Monday nights at 8/7C* and 9/8C* on PBS to stay on the road with ANTIQUES ROADSHOW all year long!

*Check local listings

Important: No Soliciting

All ANTIQUES ROADSHOW appraisals for this event will be conducted on the grounds of Rosecliff. If you are approached outside of Rosecliff by anyone offering to appraise or purchase your items, please be aware that these people are not affiliated with ANTIQUES ROADSHOW.

We do not sanction any solicitation, buying or selling at an ANTIQUES ROADSHOW event. We ask that you alert an ANTIQUES ROADSHOW staff member or security officer if you are approached by anyone offering to buy or appraise your items.

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