2019 TOUR EVENT — Fargo, ND:
Open-Face Pocket Watches — Open-face pocket watches, particularly ones with the brand names of Elgin or Waltham, were made in tremendous quantities and consequently have mostly sentimental value as family heirlooms to their current owners. (Image source: Ebay.com)

What should you bring with you to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW ... or not?

At each of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's appraisal events, between 50 and 60 of our appraisers in two dozen areas of expertise greet guests and look at more than 10,000 antiques and collectibles. What follows is a slideshow of the types of objects our experts see most frequently in their travels.

What should you bring with you to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW ... or not?

These items are fairly common throughout the country — and most have a value below $500.

Read on to learn about the items that might already be tucked away in your attic. Or, if you have tickets to one of our events this summer, it might help you decide what to bring!...

Author Luke Crafton
Luke Crafton is ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's director of digital content.