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Full episode: Lourdes (54:50)

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Join best-selling author and adventurer Bruce Feiler as he travels to the Catholic shrine of Lourdes with American veterans seeking healing.
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Full Episode: Shikoku

In the footsteps of the Buddhist monk Kobo-Daishi, walk the 750-mile pilgrimage around the island of Shikoku, Japan with American pilgrims.

Video Lourdes Waters

Notes from the Field: The Healing Waters

See how pilgrims bring the healing powers of Lourdes's sacred sites to loved ones back home.

Video Shikoku NFTF Steve

Notes from the Field: Steve's Story

Meet Steve Williams, a retired Marine returning to Shikoku for a second attempt at completing the 750 mile spiritual trail.


Lourdes basilica

Journey to Lourdes

Take a closer look at the International Military Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Home Bruce feature

Meet Bruce Feiler

Learn more about bestselling author and host of SACRED JOURNEYS, Bruce Feiler.

Lourdes gallery 12 (Underground Basilica)

Your Journeys

What journey are you on? Share memories, take-aways, photos, videos, and more!

Meet the Pilgrims

Home pilgrim headshot Zach

Zachary Herrick

Bethesda, MD
Pilgrim to Lourdes

Home pilgrim headshot Steve

Steve Williams

Hemet, CA
Pilgrim to Shikoku

Home pilgrim headshot Jenn

Jenn Tsai

Portland, OR
Pilgrim to Shikoku

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