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Meet the S.I. Team

Basil Singer Basil Singer is a manager and senior physicist at Singer Instruments Co, Ltd, a company that develops and manufactures robots and scientific instruments that are sold to institutions worldwide to aid projects like cancer research. He has a Masters degree in physics and a PhD in quantum physics from the University College London, where he completed a thesis on the manipulation of matter with light. At UCL, Singer was part of a research team working on the laser cooling of atoms. This research involved collecting experimental data to learn more about quantum physics, the study of matter on a very small scale. When Singer is not filming science television shows or programming the latest upgrades for the robots his company produces, he spends time as an avid kite surfer, snowboarder, and skateboarder.

Basil Singer Victoria Bruce is a writer and film producer with a concentration in Earth sciences. She has a Master's degree in geology from the University of California, Riverside, where she completed a thesis on Mount Rainier volcano. In 2001, she wrote the national bestseller, No Apparent Danger; The True Story of a Volcanic Disaster at Galeras and Nevado del Ruiz (HarperCollins), an account of the intricate play between politics, people, and natural disasters. She has written for NASA, the Portland Oregonian, Earth Magazine and National Geographic Adventure, where her research took her around the globe, to active volcanoes, ocean reefs and dense jungles. She's been a contributor to science television programs for the BBC, NOVA, Science Times Television, Nightline, National Geographic Television, and Discovery Channel. Bruce produced a documentary with Karin Hayes, Held Hostage in Colombia, which was excerpted by 60 Minutes, and broadcast on the History Channel. Bruce and Hayes' documentary, The Kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt, aired on HBO/Cinemax. The program earned the producers the 2005 duPont-Columbia Award for excellence in broadcast journalism. Bruce, originally from Southern California, is an avid sailor, scuba diver, backpacker and snowboarder.

Basil Singer Kevin Hand is a 5th year graduate student in the Department of Geological & Environmental Sciences at Stanford University and he is currently in residence in the Department of Astrophysics at Princeton University. He is also the founder of Cosmos Education, an international non-profit organization dedicated to grass-roots science education in developing regions of the world. Hand's research focuses on the origin, evolution, and distribution of life in the solar system. His PhD dissertation involves both theoretical and experimental work on the habitability of Jupiter's second largest moon, known as Europa. His work has taken him to the Dry Valleys of Antarctica, the depths of the Earth's oceans, and to the canyons of Namibia. He was born and raised in Manchester, Vermont. Prior to pursuing his PhD in geology at Stanford, he earned a bachelor degree in physics and psychology from Dartmouth College and a Masters in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.

Basil Singer Bahareh Azizi was born in Houston, Texas, and due to her father's position as a diplomat, moved to Kuwait shortly thereafter. She graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry/Biotechnology. Following, Bahareh served as a research assistant in the Department of Biology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, before beginning her graduate studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she earned her PhD with a major in Biochemistry and minor in Biomedical Engineering. The focus of her thesis was the development of molecular protein switches for applications in gene therapy and drug discovery. During graduate school, Bahareh was awarded with a GAANN fellowship in Drug Discovery. She continues her research on protein switches as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Georgia Institute of Technology and is also a lecturer for General Chemistry. Bahareh is a member of the American Chemical Society and the Society of Biological Engineers.