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What is a Podcast?
Podcast combines the terms iPod and broadcast to describe a series of sound or video files which download to the computer and are playable on both the computer and a portable MP3 or video playing device.

You may subscribe to a Podcast which delivers audio or video episodes on a regular or irregular schedule (basically whenever a new episode is available). Then you may watch or listen whenever, or, if you offload to an iPod or other device, wherever you want.

Do I have to pay for a Podcast?
While most Podcasts are free, some are not. Our Podcast is completely free.

How do I get started?
Since our Podcast is a video podcast, make sure you have a video-capable player (programs like iTunes and VLC work on both Macintosh and Windows systems). Programs like Winamp or the latest version of iTunes will also allow you to subscribe to our Podcast. Follow the instructions and paste the feed URL (as listed above) where asked.

Next time you sync your iPod or other portable player, Scientific Investigators will be there!