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Who Was Chiune Sugihara?

A brief overview of Sugihara's long and eventful life. Born on January 1, 1900, Chiune Sugihara witnessed many of the 20th century's most historic, and horrific, events as his travels took him throughout much of Asia and Europe.

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The Bushido Code Explained

Sugihara's mother came from a long line of samurai, or bushi, who lived by a strict and ancient code of honor known as the "way of the warrior," stressing loyalty, courage and self-control. But how much did this tradition influence Sugihara?

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An Interview with Carol Gluck

An author and professor at Columbia University, Carol Gluck specializes in the history of modern Japan. In this 1998 interview, she discusses prevailing Japanese attitudes towards the Jews during the early 20th century, and the experiences that may have helped to form Sugihara's character.

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An Interview with David Kranzler

Holocaust historian David Kranzler has written extensively about the stories of Jews who survived Nazi persecution. In this 1998 interview, he discusses his views on how Sugihara's actions in Lithuania related to Japan's early-20th-century imperial presence in China and Japanese policies toward the Jews.

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Sugihara's Conspiracy of Kindness

In the summer of 1940, at great personal risk, Sugihara made a decision that saved the lives of thousands. This excerpt from the Sugihara documentary tells the story of his remarkable act of kindness.

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The Solly Ganor Story

In Kaunas, Lithuania, just days before Hanukkah, 1939, a young Jewish boy named Solly Ganor chanced to meet a strange-looking man named Mr. Sugihara — an event that neither one would forget.

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The Nadia Kaplan Story (exclusive Web content)

Though Sugihara wrote a visa in 1940 for Nadia's husband and children, he was unable to help her. Yet Nadia did manage to flee Lithuania with her family. In these excerpts from a 1998 interview, Nadia Kaplan tells her amazing story.

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