Nolan Bushnell

Video Gaming

Samuel Colt

A Mass Market

Joan Ganz Cooney

Children's Television

Georges Doriot

Venture Capital

Charles Richard Drew

Blood Banks

George Eastman

Easy-to-Use Cameras

Henry Ford

Affordable Cars

A. P. Giannini

Branch Banking

Samuel Insull

Cheap Electricity

Pierre Omidyar

Online Auctions

Julius Schmid


Raymond Ingram Smith


Lewis Tappan

Credit Reporting System

Frederick Winslow Taylor

Scientific Management

Juan Trippe

The Jet Age

Sarah Breedlove Walker

Grassroots Saleswoman

Clarence Birdseye

Retail Frozen Foods

Walt Disney

Entertainment Empire

Ruth Handler

Marketing Toys

Martha Matilda Harper

Retail Franchise Network

Ray Kroc

Restaurant Chains

Estée Lauder

Marketing Cosmetics

Cyrus McCormick

American Big Business

Malcom McLean

Containerized Shipping

Samuel Morse

A Better Telegraph

Jean Nidetch

Weight Loss Therapy

Ida Rosenthal

Brassiere Tycoon

Isaac Merritt Singer

The American Multinational

Albert Spalding

Sporting Goods Stores

Levi Strauss

Blue Jeans Empire

John Wanamaker

Department Store

Thomas Watson

Advanced Business Machines

Virginia Apgar

Newborn Baby Evaluation

Edwin Armstrong

Modern Radio

Leo Hendrik Baekeland


Alexander Graham Bell


Herbert Boyer


Willis Carrier

Air Conditioning

Raymond Damadian

MRI Scanner

Donna Dubinsky

Personal Digital Assistants

Thomas Edison

The Science of Innovation

Ray Kurzweil

Pattern Recognition

Russell Simmons

Cross-Marketing Culture

Samuel Slater

American Factory System

Fred Smith

Overnight Delivery

Elmer Sperry

Modern Navigation

Joseph Wilson


Wilbur and Orville Wright

Human Air Travel

Edwin Drake

Oil Drilling

Oliver Evans

A Better Steam Engine

John Fitch

First Steamboat

Robert Fulton

Steamboat Services

Charles Goodyear

Vulcanized Rubber

Theodore Dehone Judah

Transcontinental Railroad

Gary Kildall

PC Software

Francis Cabot Lowell

Consolidated Manufacturing

Hiram Maxim

Machine Guns

Garrett Augustus Morgan

Affordable Gas Masks

Elisha Otis

Safe Elevators

Henry Miller Shreve

River Rights and Navigation

Ted Turner

24-hour News

George Westinghouse, Jr.

Safer Railroads

Eli Whitney


Robert Woodruff

Global Distribution Network