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Fettucini Gremolata

by Chef Horst Pfeifer

Fettuccine with lemon zest



  1. Bring salted water to vigorous boil in seven-quart stockpot and drop in fettuccine. Stir until all noodles are separated.
  2. Boil for approximately one minute depending on type of fettuccine (over cooking will ruin noodles) and drain loosely, leaving a little water on noodles.
  3. Add butter, parsley and zest of 12 lemons and mix well with fork and spoon. Add cheese and mix well to avoid lumping. Add water and mix thoroughly until mixture is loose and creamy.

Chef Horst Pfeifer notes: Successful fettuccine is the correct consistency — it should not be watery or too dry. Add a little liquid at a time until the proper smooth consistency is reached. Serve immediately, topped with freshly ground black pepper. For variation, toss in crawfish tails or shrimp with a little garlic or truffle oil, or cream and freshly shaved truffles.

This segment appears in show #2911.

Recipe courtesy of Horst Pfeifer
© 2004 Horst Pfeifer

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Published August 31, 2007